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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Taiko no Tatsujin 14 high-quality captures! Part 4

Remember 5 Namco Original songs were revived for Taiko 14? A couple of them have got modern recordings of their own.

Yokuderu 2000 and Taberuna 2000 need no further coverage, which was why they weren't recorded by anyone as of yet. They're just there for the sake of being there. Hope they don't overstay their welcome and get eliminated again!

Then there's Numujika ac.10! Arguably still the most fun ac. song to play even though it was just present in one arcade and one console Taiko. This must be why it became the song of choice.

Gekkabijin was revived too! After a couple of rather mediocre Garyoutensei series songs, the team got their act together for the latest in the series, Hyakki Yakou, and the public voted for the other one to be thrown out too in favor of this.

The only revived song that hasn't been recorded so far is actually....Haikei, Gakkou ni te...The beautiful melody exclusive to Taiko 11 and only Taiko 11 and even had a full version Ura Oni of its own. Wonder why it hasn't gotten any coverage yet...? It's a wonderful song.

EDIT: Scrap the last paragraph, Haikei Ura was just recorded 15 minutes ago. Here it is!

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