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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Taiko no Tatsujin 14 high-quality captures! Part 1

Taiko 14's official release date was yesterday, and now that excited Japanese fans have finally given the arcade a fresh run, (nearly) all the significant songs have been recorded in high-quality capture, just the way they should be! First, the new songs we all want to see.

Our namesake, Taiko Time! The newest cruel and punishing 10* Oni song! (although not as hard as some)

SORA-III Heliopause! Now that the silent music can be clearly heard, it just got a whole lot more awesome.

Black Rock Shooter! The 3rd Hatsune Miku song, but without special dancers on the bottom of the screen, unlike World Is Mine

Shunyuu ~happy excursion~! The 4th song in the Kikyoku series, and the first we've seen of it so far. More lighthearted than Zeihen, and a lot harder.

NECOLOGY! One of the fresher additions to Namco Original, and challenging at 9*.A song about (vaguely) cats, because 'neko' is the Japanese word for cat.

Ridge Racer (Ura)! An updated notechart of the ancient 10* Oni song, with the same affinity for 2 by 2 note clusters a the original. Much harder, of course.

KAGEKIYO (Ura)! Contrary to popular belief, KAGEKIYO's Ura difficulty isn't the slowed-down KAGYUKIYO from Taiko DS3, but a completely new note set. One of the hardest new 10* in Taiko 14.

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