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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Song of the Week! 10 February 2018

Today's featured track is one of many examples in the world that may inspire us not to give up on our personal dreams! In order to find out why, just keep reading...

 All In My Heart (オール・イン・マイハート) Somei Yoshino feat. Takagi Miyu (Wake Up, Girls!)
Allx5 (211)x7 (278)x8 (444)x9 (704)
 Taiko 0 W, Taiko PS4

With today's feature, we are finally closing down the Namco Original song trilogy which made its debut with White Version's Taikai mini-tournament, starring this and another couple of songs (Tenbinza Kyuukou Yoru o Iku and Heaven's Rider) as newcoming unlockables.

All In My Heart features the nick-named Somei Yoshino (ソメイヨシノ) in his first (and so far, only) credited contribution to Taiko no Tatsujin gaming; however, for the real crux behind this song's foundation, we'll have to focus more on the song's singer instead: Miyu Takagi (高木美佑). Born September 8th, 1996, her most prominent role in Japanese media as a voice actress is linked to Tatsunoko Productions's Wake Up, Girls! anime series, for which she's the voice of the trainee idol Miyu Okamoto as well as her real-life counterpart in the anime-related idol unit that performs live under the series's very same name (disbanding on March 2019, as announced in the unit's website). Miyu Takagi is also known in the Wake Up, Girls! fanbase by the nickname of Myuu (みゅー).

Among her hobbies, her passion for both games and music shines through, as often quoted by Miyu herself in the Wake Up, Girls! official blog, often times pointing out her high interest towards the Taiko no Tatsujin series. Since her very own introductory post (link), she doesn't shy away from mentioning her Taiko adventures, which progressively brought her to purchase all the PS2 Taiko titles (with many Normal gauge clears on 9* Oni songs to claim) as well as Portable DX and - in a later blog post - showing excitement for V Version's coming. In this very last post, Miyu Takagi has shared with the WUG fans her secret to be starring in a Taiko no Tatsujin game with her own song, which has become true the year later with the recording (and release) of All In My Heart!

Myuu's dream fulfillment true has taken the shape of a quite aggressive 9-star Oni for the current rating standards, as 1/24 cluster spikes and troublesome note formations are always baiting players for that random string of errors which nullifies a Full Combo attempt, including the main chorus's really long cluster and the troublesome, odd-spaced ending with an higher note density!


With today's feature being dealt with, we've also added the freshly-revealed Susanoo to our God Collection series, while we wait for a public launch of said song... Look forward to read a bit more about it!

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