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Thursday, December 21, 2017

First Video: PS4 Donder Pack Vol. 3 and Yellow ver. Update G/V 10.09

Today marks quite a load of brand new songs and notechart from both PS4-1 and AC0 Yellow ver.! Let's unpack each of them now.

オリジナルミライ Original Mirai (3/3/5/8, notes on Oni)
   feat.マモル (nhhmbase) feat. Mamoru (nhhmbase)
Over the peppy vocals are a nice selection of mid-★8 worthy patterns consisting of mostly triples, with 24th single-color quadruples peppered around. Gets more technical as the guitar solo bridge comes around.

TT -Japanese ver.- (3/5/5/7, 275 notes on Oni)
The Japanese version of the song by the Korean girl group TWICE (which is not put in the Variety genre this time around, unlike past K-POP inclusions) features sparse phrases with hanging doubles being commonplace at a lower speed.

見たこともない景色 Mita-koto mo Nai Keshiki (1/2/4/6, 329 notes on Oni)
The notecharting direction is focusing on following the vocals here. Mostly 8th patterns with 16th clusters stay single-colored for most parts. Quite tame for a ★6 if not for the higher speeds.

見たこともない景色 Mita-koto mo Nai Keshiki (579 notes on ★8 Ura Oni)
Switching the notecharting focus to the percussion, the Ura Oni present more clusters and closer-knitted phrases, playing on the "Angel Dream notechart" trope worth of the additional 2 rating stars.

Be The One (1/2/4/5, 254 notes on Oni)
Lowest rating, smallest notecount and shortest song length to be seen today. Set to the vocals again, the notechart starts off with a 8th-based pattern then steps up to longer phrase with consecutive 16th clusters. Clusters stays single-colored throughout.

Reason!! (1/2/3/6, 405 notes on Oni)
Sharing the dancer set with DRIVE A LIVE (and an unknown standing on muting or takedown), this is the highest speed we have for today's licensed section. While rated ★6 for the 8th-based majority, the denser key points (consecutive clusters like just before the chorus and just before the end) piques the difficulty for Full Combos closer to ★7.

SHOGYO MUJO (2/3/7/9, 765 notes on Oni Master Route)
Now I have a hint why SAMURAI ROCKET is also revived today. The Nam-combo and the similarly technical streams are resembling between the two, and not to mention the Hissatsu Senpuuken (必殺旋風剣) and the scream samples. I guess there are only so many ways to remix the Genpei Toma Den soundtrack...

Addendum: The notechart diverge happens with the first long yellow drumroll. A side-by-side comparison reveals that while all three routes end on a 765 notecount. References (read: completely copied-over sections) to the KAGEKIYO and SAMURAI ROCKET notecharts can be seen around certain points too.

OK I’m blue rat (4/6/8/10, 816 notes on Oni)
Are you just Got more raves? in a more wafuu (traditionally Japanese) setting? Because your irregular stanzas and highly technical streams certainly show it. (Like the Groove Coaster series, this title anagrams into "Taiko Rumble")

彼は誰時の誘惑 Kawatare-doki no Yuuwaku (2/3/6/9, 553 notes on Oni)
Another of the double-BPM-half-scroll philosophy, the main shock comes when the middle and later choruses throws in apparent-32th among a 16th base, nicely manageable in the 100-odd apparent BPM.

彼は誰時の誘惑 Kawatare-doki no Yuuwaku (916 notes on ★10 Ura Oni)
While Regular Oni still runs mainly on the main melodic route, Ura Oni went the extra miles to have almost every fore- and background sound effect charted in, not even shying away from the multitude of 48th notes, all under a 1/3x faster scroll speed.

Blessed Bouquet Buskers (4/5/6/10, 868 notes on Oni)
"Busker" here is a synonym to "street performer", and the jovial melody is accompanied by a fast but regular-enough notechart, not unfamiliar with Oozora to Taiko no Odori. Main points to note are the 12th/16th mixed phrases, and the more complex streams towards the end.

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