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Friday, July 21, 2017

Taiko no Tatsujin [heavy sharpie strokes] Drum Session! (PS4-1)

Remember V Version in Chinese, 3DS2 in Korean, as well as the much shame-inducing first attempt that is Taiko Drum Master back on PS2? PS4-1 is bringing all those three together (only for the Asian market)!

Now that the regular new info scouting is done on the Japan front, we turn to the Southeast Asia front, where Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia today (July 21) announces that there will be upcoming English, Traditional Chinese and Korean versions of the Session de Dodon ga Don (now Drum Session in English, in particular), coming in a yet-to-be-confirmed date in 2017.

In addition to various general gaming press reporting on this, officially we have the BNEI Asia YouTube channel pushing out three alternate versions of the first PS4-1 PV in English, Traditional Chinese and Korean overlay text (sample gameplay and vocals are still in Japanese) promoting their respective version. BNEI's Taiwan/Hong Kong and South Korea portal websites are also giving official confirmation for the Traditional Chinese (announcement) and Korean versions (official blog), as well as a shout-out from the English BNEI Asia Facebook fan page about the English version (Facebook post).

English difficulty select. Source: Gematsu

Chinese performance view. Source: Gamebase

Korean main menu. Source: Ruliweb

Additional heads-up for Chinese readers that Taiko no Tatsujin PS4-1 will be appearing in the following events for hands-on trials:

  • July 27~30: China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference (ChinaJoy)
  • July 28~August 1: Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong (ACGHK)
  • August 10~14: 2017 Comic Exhibition (Taiwan)
  • August 18~20: PlayStation Game and Entertainment Carnival (Taiwan)


  1. Taiko in English again. What a time to be alive.

  2. No one can contain my excitement to having taiko back in the english market