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Monday, July 10, 2017

PS4 Website Update: Customization Screens and Bundle Data

きせかえやいろをカスタマイズできるよ。 たくさんの色から選べる!

While still lacking of a precise release date, the anticipated PS4 Taiko title's website got a minor update today, starring several screens about the customization-related aspects, such as the clothing/color screens shown above and some early Shop screenshots. It's worth noting that this time around it's possible to purchase up to 5 random items at a time!

アイテム玉手箱をGETしよう。 どの玉手箱を選ぼうかな…?

Other lesser updates for today include the addition of the recurring "How to Play" section, the Game Bundle page and the PS4-Exclusive Features page (which is only made of quick links to other already-available parts of the website, such as the Friend/Guest Session modes and the Game Bundle one).

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