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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

First Video: Yellow ver. 4.05 New Songs

Stay groovy for the licensed picks fresh off the update stove this morning!

STAY TUNE (2/3/5/7; 417 notes on Oni)
As in the tradition for Taiko no Tatsujin's licensed picks, denoting the artist as the subtitle means it is the original recording. The black music-inspired funky vibes spawns a varied selection of clusters at a mid-low BPM, with hanging doubles and dkd's being quite frequent.

やってみよう Yatte-miyou (3/4/5/6; Papa Mama Support on Kantan; 295 notes on Oni)
Our speed demon of the day. The idea is reminiscent of the likes of Linda Linda with higher speeds and more complex streams. A higher ★6 that can be tough for even ★7-goers if not ready for the reading speed needed.

ともに Tomo ni (3/4/5/7; 590 notes on Oni)
No, this is our speed demon of the day. Starting at a more normal speed for you to get used to the chorus first, it took no time to kick into the main event of high-gear 8th stream and 16th single-color clusters.

未来はジョー!ジョー! Mirai wa Joe! Joe! (2/3/5/8; Papa Mama Support on Kantan; 484 notes on Oni)
After two ratings that turns out to be higher than its typical level, the only Anime pick of the day stay closer to contemporary ★8 standards. Other than consecutive clusters and the occasional 24th thrown in, the middle bridge also sees more complex mixes of 12th into the general 16th fabric.

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  1. Fun fact: The Joe part in the song is based on the latest main character (Joe Kirifuda) and the new civilization (a.k.a. type) the Jokers (it's a wordplay of Joe and cards because Joe drew those by himself)