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Monday, July 17, 2017

[COLLAB] - Taiko no Tatsujin x INSPION Collaboration Announcement

If you thought today's surprise song release by Tatsh was the only thing coming out of nowhere for the series, think again! Earlier yesterday, a teaser video was posted on Youtube by the newly-formed sound production company INSPION, hinting to a future collaboration event within the long-running music game franchise and the emerging unit. And honestly, if including a rock arrangement of Yuugen no Ran isn't enough to gather attention, I don't know what will it do the trick!

While no specifics have been given for this impending collaboration by this video alone, it's only fair to spend a few words about the composer/performer of the Yuugen no Ran arrangement: Daisuke Kurosawa (黒沢大佑), already renowned in the music game scene for its extensively huge song contribution to bemani rhythm games, as the contribution song listing page on bemani wiki Remywiki can attest. Other artists that had some music game connections in the past are also part of the newly-founded INSPION company, giving that much hope in the impending event's magnitude!

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