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Thursday, January 28, 2016

V Version Update: Popular Song Pack 10 and World Hobby Fair '16 Reminders

V Version's Popular Song Pack line is turning 10 next week! Find out more about it (and the rest of the minor website updates) in the rest of this post.

Launching next Thursday (on February 4th), the 10th song pack for V Version will launch at the same price as the others, hosting a spoonful of either fresh or never-heard-before tracks:
  •  Raise your flag New!
  •  database feat. TAKUMA(10-FEET)
  •  Eikyoku/Gyouan New!
  •  Synchronicity New!
  •  Ao no Senritsu (+ Ura)
Together with the poll-winning return of Ao no Senritsu, V Version gets enriched with the debut of the opening theme for the most recent Mobile Suit Gundam anime series (Iron-Blooded Orphans), together with the return of database from the third Wii U game (although the title naming is quite different). Completing the frame are a couple of console debuts with two very recent track that have been spawned from Taiko arcade-related collaboration events!

Don't forget that February 4th will also see the release of Falcom poll-winning track Seize the day from Tokyo Xanadu, available as a free piece of DLC. The Falcom online shop is also having a limited soundtrack bundle offer on its online shop in order to celebrate the song's release! (link)

Other minor updates to the website that are occurring today are simple World Hobby Fair '16 reminders (with their dedicate page) and some promo banners about this week-end's Tokaigi.

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