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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

TaikOp-ed: The One About Official MyBachis

The imminent release of the Official MyBachis might be seen as the long-awaited recognition of the MyBachi culture, allowing for proud ownership and (very limited) customization of one of the most crucial items in play, and avoiding the prospect of varying Bachi conditions ruining decisive tournament (and trust me when I say "varying" I mean some can be really bad; just look how many ways it can go that we once listed in this previous feature).

Before the first hands-on owner experience propping up in March 2016 and the full canonization in official tournaments in May, let's have a little free-for-all talk about the idea itself. Feel free to vent however you want, but here are some prompts that might help:
  • Do you currently or previously own/make MyBachis? How does it feel against the cabinet-attached sticks at your usual place?
  • Is the idea of having standardized MyBachi specs appeal to you? How well are you feeling of the restrictions of too-extensive customization?
  • What do you feel about the currently desinated specs? Any design choices that you feel is not reasonable?
  • Is the price reasonable? If not, suggest a better one too.
  • The only footage we have is a red pair (i.e. Don-chan color) of Official MyBachis. Should the underdog brother Kat-chan have a variation for his signature color too? Calcutta Dondi and Yomogimaru too?
  • What additional sales arrangements (pre-order locations, event sales etc.) would you suggest?
  • Asian Donders: What do you think when the current sales arrangements are still pretty Japan-centric, especially when WCS2016 is supposedly also involving the greater Asia area?
  • If you do not have arcade Taiko no Tatsujin access: Will you still buy a set for just enjoying the presence/playing with the PS2/Wii/Bluetooth drums (not recommended)/(whatever other use you have)? 

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