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Sunday, January 31, 2016

[RANDOM] - FUJIN Rumble's Remix


...Again, we're not going to turn the blog into 'Groove Coaster Time' or something, but we thought that this additional piece of soundtrack information might be relevant for Taiko grounds as well!

On March 30th, the Groove Coaster series is having its first soundtrack compendium sequel to their original 2+1 album, under the title of Groove Coaster Original Soundtrack Boost. Among all the new original tracks coming from both the current arcade installment (GC 2 Heavenly Festival) and its future sequel (GC 3 Link Fever), there also are some added bonuses to the compilation, such as a FUJIN Rumble remix titled FUJIN Rumble (tpz Overheat Remix). As if the 'tpz' isn't enough of a hint, this remix will be made by t+pazolite, who's currently one of the most prolific external composers for Taito's currently running rhythm game series.

For more informations about this album, you can check out the ZUNTATA blog entry on the subject matter.

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