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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog (January 5 2016): Synchronica Grant Mishap! and White ver. Update G/V 2.03


Opening the year with a error report... oh boy whatever will we expect for 2016.

But if you did not successfully obtain Synchronicity or New World by cross-playing between Taiko no Tatsujin White ver. and Synchronica, this is the minor update you should note. The firmware for White ver. will be updated to G/V 2.03 tomorrow (January 6) to hopefully solve the failed grants that began on January 1. Those who already got the song by December 31 will of course not be affected and can continue to play them. If you just finished the Synchronica side of matter and is planning to get the song(s) in White ver., remember that only updated 2.03 cabinets can complete the grant.

This being an out-of-schedule update, the scheduled January 7 post will not be affected. See you then for new-year stuff!

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