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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog 2 (28 January 2016) - Ranking Dojo teething problems and more information

Breaking news from the Taiko Team regarding today's Ranking Dojo update!
...it's broken. Yep.

Now before someone bonks me over the head for that lame opening, this is a rather long post containing all the things that went wrong today, and I'll give all the important bits a quick summary!

The first issue is the ranking data not saving for some players even after clearing. Yeah there's videos and proof of the higher courses floating around on the net, but apparently a lot of other players have had trouble with the dojo, as they do not get their ranks and costumes. They just weren't saved. That's pretty messed up in itself. But there's more to the story, unfortunately.

A hotfix was sent out on 5.27pm, which fixed the saving issue, buuuuuuut it introduced even more problems. Instead of advancing a rank, from say, 5th Dan to 6th Dan, and the new rank title and costume overwriting the old one, they were duplicated instead.

Another patch will be sent out soon to fix this problem.

And now, for another set of oddities regarding the dojo!

3rd Dan containing Dragon Spirit Medley

Dragon Spirit Medley is a limited-time song (on multiple occasions) and has never been offered for regular unlock and play before. So why is it in here? Is it a glitch? According to the team, nope. They wanted Dragon Spirit Medley to be there so players can test their skills against a completely foreign song (well, new players, anyway), and it's more fun that way!

X-Day 2000 unlock in 9th Dan

This, however, was not part of the plan. 9th Dan placers would unlock this song for permanent regular play, but after the update patch rolls out, the unlock conditions for X-Day 2000 will change. Whether it'll be positioned to 10th Dan or somewhere a little less strenuous, that's up to the team. X-Day remains as the first song to challenge in the 10th Dan course, however!

Meijin and Chojin courses being identical

Not a glitch, this one. I think the team must have been receiving complaints, but they have valid reasons for not changing these courses a single bit, mainly being that they have 25 ranks in the dojo to consider songs for, and there are actually precious few songs that match the standard of these two courses to choose from. Not to mention, the number of people who actually get to these courses are very little compared to the majority of players.

I mean you don't see people beating up Konami for not changing their Kaiden course in IIDX

Of course, they try the best they can to cater to the professional players, and to everyone else, to keep things fresh, they massively changed up everything from Kurouto and below (though 6th and 8th Dan in particular have not changed much). It's tough to balance 25 different courses after all!

And that's it for tonight!

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