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Thursday, January 28, 2016

First Video: White (and V) Version's New Songs

It's another busy day for Taiko arcade players due to the new song additions and the return of the Dojo Ranking mode.

For those with a good memory, though, V Version is also getting something new today! Above is the Oni video of Brand-new World, the opening theme for The Asterisk War (not to be confused with that other similarly-titled OP theme). This song from the currently-unknown star rating bears a low-notecount Oni mode, whose note patterns don't range that far away from the Anime genre's standards.

After the jump are the song newcomers from today's White Version update!

First we have Gesu no Kiwami Otome's Watashi Igai Watashi ja Nai no (4/6/6/8), the J-Pop genre's latest addition. For yet another low-note challenge, those note clusters will still be able to be challenging to arcade newcomers if treated carelessly!

Closing the circle of new licensed songs coming is XY&Z (1/2/5/9; Papa Mama support on Kantan), the first Anime Pokémon song to boast a 9-star Oni challenge. Just like with Feed A, the player's worst enemy will be the song's high BPM, while tackling series of clusters and single notes that -taken as a whole- might be a tad bit easier than the aforementioned God Eater song.

Today is also the launch day of the last newcomer Namco Original for the February arcade mini-tourney! Somei Yoshino's All In My Heart (5/7/8/9) sure has a couple of dirty tricks on its sleeves in order to break player combos on Oni mode, so watch out until the very end!

This is usually where we end things up on the update department. Fact is there's also the return of the Dojo Ranking to talk about! While we're already working on the full list of trials, we can already say that players can already start preparing to vent in in fear...

...because they've not seen the worst yet.

Above is a portion of the Tatsujin course of White Version which -together with the returning Souryu no Ran and Yuugen no Ran- also includes ≠MM, Linda AI-Cue's fearsome final boss song from Taiko no Tatsujin V Version. As usual, being able to encounter the song is the minimum requirement to unlock it for regular play.

Plus, by clearing the (far more manageable) Kudan trial it's now possible to unlock X-DAY2000, previously available on current-gen Taiko arcades only thanks to livestream comment challenges for limited periods of time. The Dragon Spirit Medley is also unlockable by clearing the Midan course.

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