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Thursday, January 21, 2016

[Breaking] Across Japan: That It Isn't White Makes Donders Pale

And poetically (?) resonating with Murasaki ver. getting pre-emptively White ver. (new songs making glitched appearances) at 2015 year-end, a selected few Asian AC0 cabinets has missed the bandwagon and was not updated to White ver. yesterday. Coming with additional network problems in several Sume-supplied locations in Taiwan, Taiko Team projects a complete transition by this weekend with good hope.

In the meantime, remember to check the version and network connection status on the top-left and bottom-right respectively before you insert the credits, and staying tuned to Donder communities for status updates also help save unnecessary trips to the arcade.

In less breaking news, the same post also releases the tournament results of the January Facebook Tournament, and schedules the next round across February 6-14, during the Chinese New Year (song choice on 3rd, results on 17th).

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