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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Across Japan: January Facebook Tournament!

The image should be easy to read: January's Facebook Tournament for the Asia ver. of Taiko no Tatsujin Murasaki ver. uses Oni Marble Heart (★6) and Muzukashii White Rose Insanity (★6). The tournament runs from January 9 to 17 and the results comes in on the 20th.

...wait, both are only ★6s? That is way too abnormal for the tournament series that has thrown ★10 like too casually just to fish out the elites...

That is because this will be the last Murasaki ver. Facebook Tournament, when White ver. will finally come to the greater Asia region on January 20, the very same day that the results of the above tournament is announced. "White"... oh now I get it (and apparently "Marble" (マーブル) kinda looks or sounds like "Purple" (パープル) lol).

"Comming soon", lol

This time we only have the date, and the fact that Murasaki Asia Ranking Dojo will not end until the very last day (January 19). For the actual news like new songs and new functionalities to be added (and more importantly all the other songs that doesn't make it :( ), stay tuned for another announcement.

And like last year, the cover photo also did the cross-fading thing across the two opening visuals about one hour before the official reveal, although apparently purple is too strong for white and the gradient isn't really visible... oh well.

★ you tried, fading

Link to original post (tourney)
Link to original post (White ver.)

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