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Monday, November 17, 2014

The Dust Settled! Tatsh Music Circle Battle of the Retweets Conclusion

The one-week Twitter Battle between Xa and Yuugen no Ran for a place in Tatsh Music Circle's Winter Comiket CD concluded earlier at Sunday midnight. The results? Yuugen no Ran won by one retweet and will see you on December 30 at the FuyuComi Tatsh Music Circle booth, together with 6 other pieces of music.

That doesn't mean Xa will never leave the cabinet space ever. It is still possible that it jumps on another new CD some time next year, and Tatsh and co. will sure be considering such possibility.

We are going to call it here on the coverage of this CD. But if you are interested for more Tatsh Music Circle news, like the new goods they are also releasing, do check out the Tatsh Blog and related places.

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