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Monday, November 17, 2014

Taiko Plus: Legend Pack 2 and Linkage Update

Before the furage for the new console Taiko comes in (any minute now), here's some Taiko Plus news!

Just in today is a new song pack Legend Pack 2 (レジェンドぱっく2), featuring older but still renowned music, much like the first Legend Pack.

  •  Shanghai Honey (上海ハニー)
  •  LOVE 2000
  •  Morainaki (もらい泣き)
  •  Chijou no Hoshi (地上の星) (Oni rating change: 6★ → 7★)

Also note the following recent line-up changes for the Taiko Plus/RPG Linkage collab. Some new songs are added for exchange, while older songs have been dropped after their pre-stated periods end.

 Tentai Kansoku (天体観測)Added November 3
 Hayabusa (隼)Added November 3
 TRAIN-TRAINDropped November 2
 Kaze no Fantasy (風のファンタジー)Dropped November 2
 Sobakasu (そばかす)Dropped November 16
 La Campanella (ラ・カンパネラ)Dropped November 16

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