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Monday, November 17, 2014

Site announcement: 'Others' section overhaul!

As the Taiko games lore isn't all about the core gameplay, songs and arcade/console releases alone, we have the 'Others' section of our blog for all the Taiko-related content and trivia that can't be fit in any of our regular features and news coverage, but is still worthy of a quick method to reach the related pages.

Since it's been quite a long of time since our last major revision of the Others section and all the related pages, we are now looking forward to tinker around it for the remainder of the year, both with semi-immediate changes/updates/fixes and long-term expansion plans. Expect to see this scheme going in motion from the next month!

Here's a skinny of our next update/improvement plans:
  • Semi-Regular Updates for the Archive-related Features - Special Dancers, Collaborations and SongID features will now be updated once every six months, starting from the next one; this means that these sections will receive regular updates on June and December each year, rather than sporadic addings throughout the year. We'll report every update on the subject matter through our (highly out-dated) Changelog, each time they will occur.
  • Artists/Vocalists Pages Update - each of the composers and vocalists featured in our Behind the Drums posts will be updated soon in their song production repertoire, now aiming to mention all the songs being created by the artists in other rhythm games, or generally external games where music plays a huge role (like Idolm@ster). After the listing of all the Taiko songs, the external music games tunes will appear, grouped both by game franchise and software house behind said franchises, always starting from Bandai Namco. Long versions will be also highlighted in a more effective way!
  • Deathstream 101/Notechart Analysis - these two popular features handled by our aquabluu/pikaby will be hosted in the Others page, as a useful starting point to tackle some of Taiko games' hardest notechart gimmicks. This also means that notechart requests are also welcome for this feature! However, like for Ura songs in the Song of the Week corner, don't expect to see more than a new Notechart Analysis per month, at least for now.
That's all for now! We hope that we'll be able to bring these improvements (and maybe something more!) as soon as possible. Take care!

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