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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (13 November 2014) - December 12 Livestream!

Hey guys! Let's get to the meat of the blog post straight: Livestream on December 12!

Special Guest: Tatsh (round 2)

We welcome Tatsh again to the streaming room! This time the viewers are again put in charge to determine new song concepts, specifically the third and possibly final installment of the no Ran series, after Yuugen and Souryuu! Help the Team decide:
  • Still Japanese style?
  • What kind of a themes?
  • How hard a chart?

Kimidori Corner: December and January updates
You saw the Idolm@ster special folder last stream? Wish you have more to anticipate over? Stay tuned for that and more to be have across the year end on the arcade.

Everybody Comments! Livestream Challenge (Year End Grab-bag ver.)
You know the drill: comment like crazy and get rewards in and out of Taiko games! This time we have first-hand leaks of the 100,000-comment goal, just to keep the hype coming. And what kind of Year End Grab-bag is this without eight songs to unlock (for a limited time), or six returning plus two new ones?
  •  Surfside Satie
  •  Burning Force Medley
  •  Mirai e no Kagi
  •  Total Eclipse 2035
  •  Hataraku 2000
  •  Kidaruma 2000
  • 「***********」NEW!
  • 「****** ****」NEW!
...well not that much leak, the Team decides. We will have to guess the two new ones for now (hope the asterisks and spacing are accurate). The unlock period would be December 13~26 should the challenge is successful.

Etou ends with a reminder of the epic Twitter battle between Xa and Souryuu no Ran for a place on Tatsh Music Circle's new CD. Check back out take on the going-ons here.

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