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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Donkama 2000 Nominated for Internet Popular Phrases Award 2014


Now here's something you probably never see coming: "Donkama 2000" (the title) made it to Getnews.jp's annual internet popular phrase award. Among the 50 nominated phrases for the year 2014 stands our little sofuran-happy new boss.

Other nominations you might recognize includes entries from Frozen ("Let It Go" and "Ari no Mama de"), Yokai Watch ("Yokai no Sei" from Yokai Taisou Daiichi) and the Youtube community ("YouTuber", beatboxer "HIKAKIN", Let's-player "Max Murai") as well as the more IRL issues like "Ebola", "Dengue Fever" and "Bitcoin".

Voting has begun today and will close at November 30 11:00, or as soon as 30,000 votes are registered.

Source @ Getnews.jp

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