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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Across Japan: November Tourney Results and Work Those Sticks


Assuming you would have no time to care anything other than Wii U2 release, let's make it quick. November's Facebook Tournament has Sesan from Korea taking the cake in the Oni department with the only Full Combo in the list. The Taiko Team has gone in the numbers and found that this expert player has attempted no less than 100 times during the tourney period. A round of applause for the determination and the results! Muzukashii department saw Guruguru from Taiwan securing top rank. Is it just me (and the Team) or are a lot of players pick Detarame on the course this time?

Quickly we move on to next month's schedule:
  • Song candidate announcement: December 3
  • Tournament period: December 6~14
  • Results announcement: December 17
No relation to the Tourney, but Asian Donders can celebrate Japan's Labor Thanksgiving Day with fellow Japanese Donders on November 23, with Hataraku 2000 also unlocking for that day and that day only.

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