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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Twitter Snippets (Sept 17 2014) - REBUILD and Play Cryptic

As Etou continues with his deserved break, Takemoto drops by today with a few things. First is a note about Professor Sakamoto's new album REBUILD, which has his new Vocaloid inclusion in Taiko Bokura no Sekai ni Dance wo (the full version, no less), and eight other songs. If you like the song on the arcade, consider supporting the artist and buy the album!

And do not worry about tomorrow's blog post, which Takemoto reassures will be up as scheduled. OK, thanks!

Now the play cryptic part. Later in the day Takemoto starts with the obvious that "Tomorrow is Thursday" and "Next week is end of the month", and then right out asking (sincerely) to try and make free time on Friday the 26th. Unless you have severe paraskevidekatriaphobia it should be nice to do so... Let's not get ahead of ourselves and hear more tomorrow.

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