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Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Almost Transient Mysteries: What We Were Not Told for Kimidori 2.06

...or mostly what we have not told you for Kimidori 2.06. Yes we are sorry we didn't get to that sooner, and we are patching up the information void now.

Katte Rock and Dokadoka
We have said in the update post that Katte Rock has its Oni difficulty cut to 6★. Well Dokadoka Muzukashii actually also joined in and cut to 7★. But none of that matters now, as both have reverted to their 3DS2 levels in the Sept. 10/11 updates (including scoring scheme). Eh... okay?

Yokai Watch
The "Play Yokai Watch songs (Yokai Taisou Daiichi, Geragerapo no Uta) to get Jibanyan outfit" deal was added in Momoiro. New to the party is Koma-san, the white cat yokai also seen as the far-right custom dancer, lying over Don-chan.

Folder Mechanics
Now if you choose a song from folders other than the genre folders, the game will transport you to the genre folders in the next song select. Say you choose a Touhou song from the Touhou folder, after you finish you will start the next song select at the Variety genre folder.

1 comment:

  1. The folder thing has been like that since the very first day Kimidori came out lol