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Friday, September 19, 2014

Taiko Plus - Introducing the Momoiro Clover Z Pack

Friday can be an eventful day for Taiko Plus players, as it could mean the coming of a new songpack for their ever-expanding game. Just like for today!

A special Momoiro Clover Z pack has just arrived for everyone to enjoy, including the three MomoClo Z songs that were already included on previous Taiko games (Ikuze! Kaito Shojo -Z ver.- , Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimi Tachi Yo and Momoiro Taiko Dodon-ga Bushi). The three tracks come without any custom dancers, but for the users who have purchased the third, previously-limited collaboration track the dancers can still be enjoed while playing Momoiro Taiko Dodon-ga Bushi!

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