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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Song of the Week! 27 September 2014

As resident Bandai Namco composer Torine was featured in yesterday's stream, the next logical thing would be to feature one of her songs on this corner! So here you go.

 Choujikuu Adventure (超時空アドベンチャー)
Taiko 0 Kx4 (137)x5 (192)x5 (315)x6 (420)
Taiko 3DS 2x4 (137)x5 (192)x6 (315)x6 (420)
 Taiko 0 K, Taiko 3DS 2

In recent blog entries, we have always credited Torine (トリ音) for a good chunk of niche Namco Originals mostly involving the theremin, her musical instrument of choice (Theremin Rhapsody, SORA-V Cosmic Bird and so on). However, yesterday we learned that she has been the composer for the BGM of several console Taiko games as well as their theme songs, from Portable DX onwards. This one is her latest effort!

Named as Taiko 3DS 2's Story mode, Choujikuu Adventure (lit. 'Space/Time Adventure') carries the spirit of the namesake Story mode of the game, where a perilous journey between faraway time periods isn't as disheartening, as long as you have trusty companions at your side and strong rhythms in your heart.

Just like for older portable titles, the theme song features a different singer from the (nowadays) usual voice actress of Don-chan, this time featuring the voice of Tokyo-born Terai Saori (寺井沙織); in activity since 2001, she had several jobs as nattator and voice actress for a wide number of media in Japan, being a member of different acts such as Accent, Kekka Corporation and CARROT VOICE.

In an interview with Sasaoka/Oosawa, the director for Taiko 3DS2, he mentions Choujikuu Adventure as his favorite song to recommend to players for its futuristic, yet warm and hopeful vibe, and that Torine did a very good job with the arrangement. Can't argue with him there!

The song is 6* Oni with no major surprises, and due to its low speed, seems like a good entry point to the difficulty, as well as introducing players to 2-note clusters. Unlike its console predecessor Kimi to Hibiku Harmony (which was also composed by Torine), Choujikuu Adventure does not have an Ura chart.

Being a portable Taiko game's theme song, Choujikuu Adventure had the possibility to be ported into the current arcade generation from Kimidori onward, thanks to a promotional campaign involving time-related unlocks upon completing Taiko 3DS 2's theme and boss tracks. In both outings, the song's Oni mode makes room for basic cluster 3-note practice, thanks to the comfy-paced BPM.

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