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Friday, September 5, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (September 5 2014) - August 28 Livestream Recap and Outfit Contest Results

Today's blog post was intended for yesterday, which was postponed because Etou was feeling under the weather with the cold, but he's back now. The topic is a recap of the August 28 2014 livestream session. And since we have already published our own recap a few days back, we are going to do the very self-promotional thing and ask you to check that out instead of reiterating everything here. For this post we are just going to re-post the links for the downloadable perks. Here you go!

8/28 Livestream smartphone wallpaper: http://taikoblog.namco-ch.net/pic/taiko_0826sp.png

4th Costume Contest smartphone wallpaper: http://taikoblog.namco-ch.net/pic/taiko_coscon4.png

...OK, maybe we do have to talk a little about that. So here goes in point form:
  • All comment goals are completed and the rewards delivered.
  • Prof. Sakamoto: Bokura no Sekai ni Dance o coming September 10, his Sacred Ruin and Mappy Medley remixes later.
  • Tatsh/Zeami: Xa (read as Ikusa) and Souryuu no Ran coming September 10, with newly named Sou-uchi (double play) Ura Oni notechart for the latter.
  • Also coming: 3DS2 September DLC, AC0 Ranking Dojo and Taiko School
Again, do check out our recap for more details!

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