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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kimidori Asia Monthly Tourney: September Results are in!


The one week tournament for Asian arcade Donders has ended, and the results are, as scheduled, uploaded to the official Facebook page. Congratulations to ~?!~ from Hong Kong and Itougin from Taiwan for ranking first in the two divisions, pulling out the impressive plays of 877,200-point on Night of Knights Muzukashii and 1,211,110-point on Purple Rose Fusion Oni respectively!

Swiftly ahead onto the October tourney, here is the schedule:
Song Announcement: October 8 (Wed)
Tournament Duration: October 11~19 (Sat~Next Sun)
Results Announcement: October 22 (Wed)

The Facebook post is also open for fans to nominate songs to be used in future Tournaments! Desirably a song that does not require unlock, so that everyone can join in with ease. If another commentor has already nominated your desired set, just leave a like and the tally people will count that too.

Results post and request thread

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