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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

First Videos of Game Version 2.06's new songs

Good morning guys, it's update day! Let's cut the chase and jump into the first videos of the new songs!

First of all Souryuu no Ran by Zeami/Tatsh. The chart is another speed demon set to 320 BPM (even faster than Yuugen no Ran's 300 BPM!), only with scroll velocity slowed down to half. The regular one-player chart contains deadly scourges of 16th notes (looks like 32nds at normal/half scroll speed) that exceeds even Yuugen and Ryougen at points. The 10★ notechart has 970 notes in total and no drumroll or balloons. Trivia: this is the first Zeami song to actually credit Zeami in text on the song select menu!

The newly named Sou-uchi Ura notechart is no cake walk either, although it is just a split of notes of the Regular notechart. Also a 10★, the 1P side has 448 notes and 2P has 603 notes, and again no drumroll or balloons. DP players would see more challenge as there are a lot of times where you need to hit don and kat at the same time at both drums, and a confusing mix of split 32nd clusters.

Note that when playing this Ura in one-player games, only the 1P chart will be used (unlike Dance My Generation, for instance, which gives you the Regular notechart). This makes this just slightly easier to deal with than the regular notechart, as long as the large gaps resulted do not confuse you too much.

Next up, Xa (read as Ikusa), the first song on Taiko officially under the name Tatsh. The Oni difficulty is 9★ with 675 notes. Like Souryuu above, it is also running at a very high basic BPM (290) but slowed down to about half to look like somewhere around 180 BPM. The notechart itself is a normal high-tier 9★, with (apparent) 16th clusters like in Blue Rose Ruin. Two longer streams and some isolated 32nd clusters appears towards the end.

Xa also has an Ura notechart, rated 10★ again with 904 notes. Much more packed than Regular in that more (apparent) 32nds appears regularly, and in abundance during the Go-go Time.

Now that we got the 10★ demons out of the way, let's get back to some more normal additions. Mugen no Sora, by Touhou doujin veteran Silver Forest, is at 8★ with a moderate notecount of 447. Both the new Tatsuya Shimizu songs and Mugen no Sora are also featured in one of the latest folder additions to Taiko Kimidori brought up by this software update for a quicker selection!

Onto Vocaloid. Professor Sakamoto's Bokura no Sekai ni Dance o is a 7★ with a surprising light and short chart at 266 notes. The complexity and structure is down-to-earth like Tell Your World, but with slightly more long (7-hit) clusters. Trivia: This song now trumps Yokai Taisou Daiichi and becomes the 7★ Oni with the least notes.

The Vocaloid classic World's End Dance Hall by wowaka is 9★ with a nicely round notecount of 700. Watch out for where it is like a faster junction at the middle, when the Vocaloids speak quickly.

Ending with licensed songs, Kishidan's Kenka Joutou joins the J-Pop ranks with a 8★ Oni challenge which resembles other Oni modes around this tier, like for Ikenai Taiyou for the consecutive 3-note clusters. Keep your eyes open wide until the very end!

FUTURE FISH is one of the unlucky songs that got muted by YouTube due to copyright claims. The notechart itself is a higher-tier 6★ with 358 notes, and slightly more 16th triples than the 6★ norm.

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