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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

First videos of Haryu

After yesterday's April Fools day, Azu♪'s second song for Taiko is finally recorded on Youtube. Much like the previous one (Toryu) it features several segments where the scrolling bar doubles up the speed, in a more gradual way than last time. Haryu also shares Toryu's star ratings (4/5/7/8), with 698 notes on Oni mode.

Much like Toryu, Haryu has a more difficult 9* Ura Oni, but it's being introduced right away instead of waiting for another console release! Unlike the troll 1/32 clusters on Toryu Ura, Haryu features a slightly easier to FC chart with speedups and slowdowns, and long 1/12 note streams with a high notecount of 833. Very fun chart!

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