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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Song of the Week! 9 February 2013

Just noticed yesterday that we already have exactly 100 Google followers on our blog! Thank you so much guys, we really appreciate the support, the Taiko fan community is really coming along nicely! To commemorate the milestone, we're covering a 10* song with a total notecount of a multiple of 100! And it's one of the most requested songs of the past month too!

Telecastic fake show Ling Tosite Sigure
Allx4 (212)x6 (275)x7 (569)x10 (1000)
 Taiko 0.5 to 0 R

(video processed to bypass muting)

With the downfall of the previous difficult J-Rock songs Kurenai and Punishment, there needed to be another successor to replace them. Atarashii Hikari by the same band as Punishment came close, but it just wasn't enough. Finally, a year after Taiko 0 was released, it seems that all three difficult J-Rock songs have met their match.

Telecastic fake show is the first single of indie rock band Ling Tosite Sigure (凛として時雨), and despite not being very prominent until recently, it was formed all the way back in 2002 in Saitama. The band consists of three members, Toru Kitajima 北嶋徹), Miyoko Nakamura (中村美代子) and Masatoshi Nakano/Pierre (ピエール中野). Both Toru and Miyoko handle vocals and one instrument, while Pierre is their drummer. They explore the progressive rock genre, and their songs have great changes in tempo and mood, from slow to fast, from soft to loud.

They started by releasing song demos and only started making albums three years later, of which there are currently four and a fifth one scheduled for April 2013. They've enjoyed moderate success with their albums and have embarked on performance tours in Japan and even in England. The song 'Telecastic fake show' was their first big hit, released as a single in 2008 and went into the Oricon Top 20 charts, a first for the trio. It was later put into their third album, Just A Moment, released in 2009. It is a perfect representation of the band's preference for progressive rock, tempo changes and loud screams, which actually meshes together really well.

And Taiko makes for another thing which Telecastic fake show can boast of; it has an amazing notechart which is a blast to play if you're used to the 10* Oni tier. Defeating Kurenai, Punishment and Atarashii Hikari, it now stands as the only J-Pop song in Taiko 0.5 to have a 10* rating, and the chart lives up to it with tons of note clusters back to back at changing speed, becoming higher and higher towards the chorus. Telecastic fake show is also the first song to have a notecount of exactly 1000, and was quite a surprise as no one expected any other song outside of Shimedore to break the 999 note limit at the time.

As of today, this has been the only publicly-playable, arcade exclusive 10-star Oni song to be permanently removed from the series, with Telecastic fake show getting removed during the firmware transition to Yellow Version.


  1. We either don't know how to record hi-quality videos from the latest arcades! For the videos in the site we usually search on Youtube, so try to ask to the videos's posters how to record them...