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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

pikaby asks: Modifiers

Double speed! Triple speed! Invisible! Some people love 'em, some people prefer to play without them. Whatever the case, they're here to stay. The modifiers increase the speed that the notes move, make them invisible, turn them inside out or randomize them, and otherwise introduce special rules that don't affect the actual play, but make the player's life harder. In other words, playing something with modifiers on is like performing stunts. Do you like gameplay mods? Which is/are your favorite ones?

They are great feats, for sure, but the score awarded for the extra challenge provided by gameplay mods were never accounted for. Although the chart itself sometimes remain unchanged as with speed mods and Doron, you have to memorize it in order to do well in them. Pointless to some, but seeing someone FC a tough song at x4 speed is eye-catching. Why not give these skilled players extra points? The random modifiers too; both take the chart to much higher levels than ever before and should be rewarded with more points. What do you think and how should the extra points be handled?

Also, we already have nine different gameplay modifiers including the console-exclusive Auto mod and Sudden Death (Kanpeki) mod. Any ideas for newer, more challenging and exciting modifiers to be made in the future?


  1. I kinda want to explore Detarame to practice my on-the-fly reading skills. Other than that, I don't see much point in the other modifiers.

    1. That's what I'm using Detarame for too, sightreading and cluster skills.

  2. I strongly suggest HBSCROLL mode lol

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Favourite modifier: Abekobe. I like katsus and often do better in terms of both speed and accuracy in katsus than dons. So in songs like Hikari no Kanata e (Ura Muzu), Kurenai (Muzu), Rotter Tarmination (Muzu) and Natsu Matsuri it makes the chart much easier for me.

    Score change: I don't think there should be extra points to the score for modifiers, because then it would be make the game looks like it is emphasizing on the modifiers instead of actual accuracy. Instead (in AC0) players could be awarded with more Don Points for the use of modifiers. Also titles and costumes that specifically requires using modifiers to unlock would be interesting. (Maybe it is already planned for Sorairo?)

    New modifier: One that jumbles up the hit numbers in balloons and Kusadamas, without changing the total number? (e.g. the balloons in CAPTAIN NEO was 12-13-14-15, and could be changed to 21-11-9-13 in one play and 14-16-11-13 in another and so on)

    1. Modifiers in AC0.5 already give out titles of their own if you use them though, now that you mention it. Maybe they should be implemented in DonChare more.

  5. The speed modifiers are obnoxious and don't help me deal with fast-scrolling notes at all.
    The perfect modifier is stupid because it's no different from when I'd normally play a song; it just adds a stupid scare element for when Don suddenly screams and I'm booted out of the song.
    Reversed and invisible notes aren't fun.

    The only ones I see worth using are the randomizers, and the only one I actually use is detarame.

    totally offtopic but fffffffffffffff why didn't medley mode let us choose stanzas from different songs and cram them together

    1. Oh my god that is the exact same reason why I don't use Sudden Death.

      I'm a little bit better with speed and invisible though, for charts I can memorize well.

      As for the medley mode thing...maybe its because it takes time and processing power for the game to load so many different parts of different songs? Different files have to be accessed all at once for that.

  6. it'd still be amazing though :(
    taikojirou is too annoying for me to map for though so i won't be doing it in that any time soon

  7. I surprisingly have 2nd opinions about the x2 speed modifier.. If before I found them just a "funny addition which I'll never use", now I can't FC Oni modes like the ones on Tank! or Waruru's theme song without that speed burst!

    ...I don't know, maybe it's because I'm getting more and more used about messing up with the scrolling speed on pop'n music games, who knows haha

  8. I personally like Speed mods and Doron, as it helps me memorizing the notechart and hand-coordination. Kanpeki and Abekobe usually troubles me.

    Additional scores? It would be a good idea, since using mod will provide extra challenge. Maybe a multiply of total score at the result screen for each player?

    For additional modifier, Namco should add "Stealth" mod in both arcade and console. Since it will make everything invisible (notes and words, like in Taikojiro), it should provide more challenge to players.