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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Many wow bang! on Taiko 0.5

Almost two weeks after the latest firmware update for the Katsu-Don arcades, someone finally managed to solve the riddle to unlock Many wow bang! for Taiko 0.5. Surprisingly, its difficulty stars are unchanged from Taiko 13, even its Ura Oni!

According to wikihouse users, the unlocking method is once again based on the user's nickname; after having set their nickname to Bashon (ばしょん), the frog host of Namco's flash web series Oku no Death-michi (where the song Many wow bang! was introduced), players have to Full Combo all songs with a title starting with the letter 'M' in English (My Soul, Your Beats!, MATSURI D/A and so forth) in a single credit. Once it's officially confirmed, we'll update the Title page.

Below is a short video showing the unlock of the title and the song.


  1. Update: It can be small letter 'm', so songs like mint tears and maximum the hormone also works.

    Also just for the record, for these types of titles it seems that the song to be unlocked itself will also satisfy the condition. Like dance storm (sampling masters MEGA's Namco Original songs), Soroban 2000 (song titles containing 10/十) and Kechadon 2000 (song titles containing don)

  2. That assumption is already implied for the titles; as long as you have another friend who has already unlocked the songs you can use some of them as unlocking points for yourself if you play together!