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Thursday, January 3, 2013

pikaby asks: Expectations in the new year?

Last year was a high-riding year for Taiko, wasn't it? Two new console Taiko games, both of which were very substantial, a major HD arcade update with more than just a facelift, and continued support for downloadable songs for PSP all the way to a bang at the end of the year...and so much other stuff happened we're still reeling from all of it!

So, what can we expect in Taiko from this year? The HD arcade is going to have another major firmware patch in March 2013, but the details regarding that are still sketchy...as is the case for the console Taiko games of this year. What would we see for Taiko no Tatsujin in this year? More collabs? Games on new consoles? More online support?

A Taiko no Tatsujin for the Nintendo Wii U could be on the cards as the domain name was registered last year, and the saga is almost guaranteed to continue along the 3DS, but Namco could surprise us and release something for either PS3 or Vita as well. As for collabs, with Namco being close to Sega in 2011 and last year, who knows, we might be able to see a collab with Sega's new rhythm game, Maimai, and see Maimai original songs on Taiko and vice versa (dancing to Saitama 2000 in front of Sega's washing machine, anyone?)

What do you think?


  1. Saitama 2000 on maimai? Sounds good to me.

    1. ikr it's a really exciting prospect :D Saitama and Angel Dream and Rotter Tarmination on Maimai aw yeah

  2. I hope Taiko 0 will be available outside of Japan as soon as possible......

    1. Agree with you, Jia Yi.
      And also, console Taiko outside of Japan. (But don't make is as terrible as TDM English version. :P)
      Taiko no Tatsujin for PC with Online Support and PS3!!!

  3. hope that dx DLCs will come back with many new songs!!!(just hoping that theyre free LOL)

  4. AC15+.Just…AC15+

    More new originals

    And obligatory Dude Namco crossover with Bem-*dragged off*

  5. The team are treating 76573 as an inside joke now lol

  6. More Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! CANDY CANDY especially because it is like better than PON PON PON. I was so looking forward to it when the SongID exploits came up.

    also Professor Layton and the Eternal Drummer(shot

  7. Eww the community is filled of bemani fanboys... LOL
    IDK I like crossovers but I don't want more of these overplayed songs... I would rather have a song I never heard from some obscure rhythm game. Also IIDX songs I prefer to play in IIDX.

    And with the region lock, all I can hope is a new taiko for either ps3 or psvita. And I hope the new console taiko doesn't have too many repeats.