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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

pikaby asks: Anything you want to see?

Pretty slow news week eh? What's that? Something about X and Y? What are those~?

It's a pretty lousy time then, for us to reach the 1000th published blog post milestone. Thank you for your support! Now, I'm going to ask for a favor from all of you.

Taiko Time as it is in its current state, are you satisfied with it? Or would you like to see more awesome? What do you think the blog is lacking that it could improve on, besides the various dead links to Taiko play videos that don't exist anymore (and I know there are a lot of them floating around, keeping track is verrry difficult)? Any extra features or lists or comparisons you would like to see? A more convenient way of contacting the editors without going through random comment lists? More insight on songs?

Make your suggestions here, and together we will make Taiko Time an even better place from the 1001th blog post onwards!

P.S. Tomorrow's the official Taiko blog update, the first in two weeks. Don't miss it!


  1. Nice, been a follower of this blog since september 2010.
    Also X and Y woot!!! Can't wait for October (1414th blog post on X/Y release date maybe???)

  2. Would it be possible to include more interactive elements? Made By You and pikaby Asks are great BTW.

    1. We've been thinking about polls too actually, just need to find a clean way to run it.

      I'll think of more down the road.