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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Namco Taiko Blog (10 January 2013) - Happy New Year!

Ten days late, Namco. Ten days late. The internet does not have any days off... oh who am I kidding. You guys deserve the break.

Anyway, today's blog entry is a short one, and it's... another online contest for Taiko 0.5, the first of the new year! Once again, the contest in split into two categories, Oni and Muzukashii, and this time the songs for each of them are completely separate from each other, with the Oni couse including Uras now.

Donder Matsuri New Year's Battle (Oni)
-Oshiri no Yama wa Everest (Ura)
-Black Rose Apostle (regular Oni)

Donder Matsuri New Year's Battle (Muzukashii)
-Atarashii Hikari
-White Rose Insanity

Definite difference in theme eh? Oni is about three lucky objects that are seen in Hatsuyume (first dream in the new year) which would foretell the luck of a person in that year (Mt. Fuji, eagles and eggplants, in that order) (credits to tetsu for the explanation), while the Muzukashii course is J-Rock all the way.

The contest runs for one week from 7.00am January 12 to 1.59am January 20! The top 100 will have their names and scores published on Donder Hiroba the moment the contest is over, and all participants receive special titles depending on the course they entered. The top 100 get another special present as usual!


Oh, another small thing. There's this party going down at Akihabara, Tokyo's electronics and otaku district, on January 12, 13 and 14, called the Akiba Daisuki Festival, featuring tons of games and things you'd expect from a typical matsuri, except more! And Namco will be present all three days with their Taiko 0.5 arcade in tow as well. Visit the homepage for more details of the event http://akiba-df.com/shop01.html

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  1. Black Rose Apostle? What happen if 101 players get DFC?

    1. Then scores from the other two songs will factor in.

  2. The theme across the Oni songs is the lucky things to dream of in Hatsuyume, the first dream in a new year. The three luckiest things are Mount Fuji (hence Everest), eagles (Hayabusa is a kind of bird), and eggplants (supposed for BRA, but don't see the reference)

    1. Ooh, I didn't know that. Thanks (eggplants from BRA? Really?)