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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Song of the Week! 22 January 2011


Time to take care of another Theme song!

Kimi ni Touch! (キミにタッチ!)
Allx4 (95)x4 (95) x6 (242)x7 (403)
Taiko 11, Taiko DS 1, CD 2008

The first DS Taiko game is introduced with this delightful song, performed by Oogami Masako (who composed both Numujika ac.10 and Arumujika ac14.0V). Just as its title and its lyrics suggest, Kimi ni Touch! refers to the Nintendo DS' latest gimmick, the touch screen, which (almost) perfectly emulates playing the arcade drum on a handheld, after the button-only offerings on PSP. Also featured in the Taiko Soundtrack 2008, this fun tune also appeared only in the 11th arcade version, both regular and Asian editions. On the Asian version, instead of getting a Chinese title, it gets something in English, becoming GIVE YOU A TOUCH!

The original title on DS1, and the title of the song on Taiko Soundtrack 2008 is in full Katakana, but was spelt as 'きみにタッチ!' on Taiko 11, which could be a typing mistake.

Quite fast-paced for a theme song, with many 5 and 9 note clusters despite being a 7* Oni. Being DS' flagship song, it also features the Denden note exclusive to DS Taiko. This was replaced with a normal balloon note in Taiko 11. The Kantan and Futsuu difficulties have the exact same note total with different patterns, which is a very rare occurrence.

...Oh, if you were wondering about Hibike! Taiko no Tatsujin, it's next week, remember!



    Because Engrish is so awesome. Wow.


  2. Also you forgot to change the song of the week's link on the left pane

  3. Added a few more details to it. I'll pick up where Lok left off.