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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Site annoucement: Broken video links

A reminder to our readers: If you find a video link that is broken or links to a video that is either banned or no longer available, please email either me or Lokamp (our addresses are in the Contact page). This is important so we can continue providing good video links to Taiko videos around the web, as they can change dramatically.

The reason I wanted to post this reminder was because a budding Taiko video maker, hisuisep9, was recently banned from Youtube, causing many videos of his which were linked on this blog to break. It's relieving to know that his videos are mainly of the Taiko 13 generation, so the broken links are mostly new songs and not many fixes have to be made. The songs fixed are shown in the changelog. If you find hisuisep's videos on the blog, please tell us and we'll replace them.

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1 comment:

  1. What? I am one of his subscribers!!!
    But recently, he seems to quit Taiko, so I seldom check back his channel now, but I only realize this after I read this blog.