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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Taiko Wii 3 Official Update post

All updates from Glaroid Room.
Will be updated whenever Glaroid Room posts something new.
Spoiler alert removed. The game's unofficially out and Youtube videos are coming. HQ will be put in separate posts once available.

31. Final update. Theremin Rhapsody and Ikasama Pirates were the final unlockables. Talk about getting us into suspense mode...Glaroid, you card. Anyway, that's one more song in Wii 3 than advertised, so it's all good. The whole song list is out. We're good to go! 71/70
30. Clarification on Joubutsu 2000. 万戈イム一一ノ十 is segments of kanji characters separated to form other words. 万戈 is 成, イム is 仏, and if you read 一一ノ十 vertically it's 二千 (two thousand). Therefore when put together it's  成仏二千 =  成仏2000. 'Joubutsu' means to go to heaven/ die peacefully.
29. Sanpo low quality Ura Oni video. It's the 1/6 equivalent of Yawaraka Ura!
28. Black Rose Apostle low-quality Oni video and Ura Oni video. This is pure insanity...
27. Another secret goodie sees the light of the day! Joubutsu2000 takes a step away from the "regular" 2000 succession with the japanes equal of numeration (from 万戈イム一一ノ十, the two lines mean 1, while ノ十 refers to a thousand). 69/70
26. Third last secret song is out! Doom Noiz, a game music from Galaga Legions. 10* Oni with 961 notes, Glaroid reports, hardest song in the game, worse than Black Rose, worse tham Metal Hawk BGM1. 68/70
25. Popcorn Parade finally unlocked. Oni 8*. 67/70
24. Sanpo Ura Oni (a.k.a Yawaraka Ura the 2nd) 9*, 816 notes. Kimi no Akari Ura Oni 8*, number of notes not mentioned.
23. Dajare de Oshare Ura Oni 8*, 714 notes, Metal Police Ura Oni 9*, 765 notes.
22. Saturday Taiko Fever Ura Oni also 9*, total 600 notes
21. Shunyuu~happy excursion~ Ura Oni 9*. First for the Kikyoku series. Total of 700 notes
20. 'しかし隠し曲が出ないです。どうしたものか。
テーマソングの解禁条件はなんとなく分かるとして他が謎で' Glaroid is at a loss on how to unlock Popcorn Parade XD
19. Taiko 14's remaining open Namco Original unlocked, NECOLOGY. Wow, played at 2am too. 67/70.
18. One old secret song, Neko Kujira. Powered up from the old map, is now Oni 8*. 66/70
17. Ikasama Pirates and Theremin Rhapsody may not be part of the song list, as they're only playable in Dream Taiko Land and not found on regular play mode. I'll increase the number of songs to be revealed for now. 65/70
16. Remember, the three secret songs yet to be revealed do not include Popcorn Parade!
15. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is 9* Oni, Sanpo Ura is also 9* Oni. Kimi no Akari's Ura is not known yet, but hopefully it's awesome.
14. Two old secret songs, Taiko Ranbu Kaiden and Namcot Medley from the Taiko DS1 era. 67/70
13. Black Rose Apostle has 876 beats on normal, and 914 on Ura Oni, and is poised to be the new generation Taiko hell. Screenshots of the Ura Oni mode (one, two <--what the hell ) and sound sample.
12. Black Rose Apostle is the secret song shown in Namco's cut-out screenshot from two weeks back
11. Bigger bombshell! At 99999 on the Taiko hit counter, the Ura Onis show up, but it's way, way bigger and better than any of us has ever expected. Ura Oni for existing songs Saturday Taiko Fever, No Way Back, Shunyuu~happy excursion~, Zeihen~transformation~, Haikei, Gakkou ni te..., Sanpo (the Totoro song), Dajare de Oshare, even Metal Police and Kimi no Akari! This is too good to be true...oh, and one new song from here, Black Rose Apostle. Also known as the new generation Taiko hell....with Ura mode and all! Screenshot here. Taiko Time Ura is MIA though. 65/70
10. Bombshell! Five secret songs in one go, and all of them should be music to fans' ears. Zeihen ~transformation~, Haikei, Gakkou ni te..., Kimi no Akari, Metal Police, Saturday Taiko Fever. Screenshot here. 64/70
9. Official lyrics for BE THE ACE, Dream Tide, Dajare de Oshare, Yumeiro Coaster and mint tears.
8. Two more ANCIENT secret songs, Off Rock and Jigoku no Taiko Jiten. Both have been upgraded and engorged with new notes, standing at 8* and 9* Oni. STILL....why all the revisiting of Taiko history? 59/70
7. Two old secret songs, BE THE ACE and oddly enough, Takkyu de Dakkyu. That wraps up the remaining de series songs...but what about the arcade 13/14 songs? 57/70
6. One new secret song, Alborada del Gracioso, 8* Oni in Classic. Come on, where are the wanted Namco Originals? 55/70.
5. Two new secret songs, Ikasama Pirates and Theremin Rhapsody No.42 (both Namco Originals). Screenshots here and here. Looks like Dream Taiko Land has their own theme songs too, first one for the Pirate Ship boss and second one for the Haunted House. 54/70
4. Third secret song, Shunyuu ~happy excursion~. YES. 52/70
3. Second secret song, Dajare de Oshare, the first and oldest song in the 'de' series. Why all the oldies? 51/70
2. First secret song: Fantasie Impromptu. 50/70 songs (49+1 theme song which has to be unlocked)
1. The disc is out, and it's Don-chan's face. Again. 48 songs from the beginning, that's everything shown on the official site, including Hataraku.


  1. Have we got a de series article coming any time soon? I think it will be fitting :)

  2. I like it that they're redoing the oldies. Some of them were really good but too easy. (i like saturday taiko fever :3)

    I wanna buy the game so badly now, Wii or no Wii! (it's way out of league for someone who doesn't even have an income though hehe)