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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Songs unlocked without secret codes

Works on Taiko no Tatsujin 12.5 /13

On Taiko 12.5 and Taiko 13, there were ways to unlock certain songs without the official secret code. This made it possible for them to be leaked out early, but they're not for the novice player to obtain, as these methods have very tough conditions, like FCing a particular song. Below are all the songs unlocked through alternate methods (of course, they're useless after the real secret code comes out)

Taiko no Tatsujin 12 Don! to Zoryoban

Song unlocked: Haya Saitama 2000

Before the 5th secret code was unlocked, it was possible to play Haya Saitama because of a hint dropped at the official blog, which says:


The first line is mirrored, and actually reads 'bpm200'. Second line refers to x2, x3, x4 speed modifiers. 3rd line refers to number of  可, ten, fifteen and twenty respectively. 're2000'...Result is a new 2000 song!

Rotter Tarmination has 200 BPM, so it's the song to clear. Get 10 可 on x2 speed, 15 可 on x3 speed, or 20 可 on x4 speed in addition to FCing Rotter Tarmination, and Haya Saitama 2000 replaces Saitama 2000 on song select.

Taiko no Tatsujin 13

1. Song unlocked: Katamari on the Wings (塊オンザウィングス)

FC the hardest song on each difficulty setting (simply sort the songs out by difficulty level and choose the last one!)

2. Song unlocked: Zeihen ~transformation~ (蛻変~transformation~)

On the title screen, start the game at the moment Lantern Eel's eye sparkles.

Then, full combo any one of these 38 songs.

Nihon no Mikata -Nevada kara Kimashita-「ニホンノミカタ-ネバダカラキマシタ-」
Ginga Tetsudou 999「銀河鉄道999」
Tsubomi 「蕾」 
Tentai Kansoku 「天体観測」
LOVE 2000
Yuuki Rinrin 「勇気りんりん」
Anpanman Taisou 「アンパンマンたいそう」
Yume o Kanaete Doraemon 「夢をかなえてドラえもん」 
W-B-X ~W-Boiled Extreme~
Shugo Shugo! 「しゅごしゅご!」
Let's! Fresh Precure! ~HYBRID VER.~ 「Let’s!フレッシュプリキュア!~HYBRID VER.~」
Yatterman no Uta 「ヤッターマンの歌」
Doraemon no Uta 「ドラえもんのうた」
Kinnikuman Go Fight! 「キン肉マン Go Fight!」
Electrical Parade 「エレクトリカルパレード」
Mickey Mouse March 「ミッキーマウス・マーチ」
Omocha no Chachacha 「おもちゃのチャチャチャ」
Etude Op.10-4 「練習曲Op.10-4」 
Heaven & Hell 「天国と地獄 序曲」
Overture IX 「序曲IX」
Super Mario Bros. 「スーパーマリオブラザーズ」
Katamari on the Wings 「塊オンザウィングス」
Kamikaze Remix
Naked Glow
Fuun Shishi 「風雲志士」
SORA-I Earth Rise 「SORA-I アースライズ」
SORA-II Gliese 581 「SORA-II グリーゼ581」
Warera Muteki no Dokon Dan 「われら無敵のドコン団」「風のファンタジー」 
Sengoku Sangen 「戦国三弦」
Negaigoto Puzzle 「ねがいごと☆ぱずる」
Yozakura Shanikusai 「夜桜謝肉祭」 
Rumble Ranbu 「らんぶる乱舞」
Rotter Tarmination
Yami no Tamashii 「闇の魂」
Tenjiku 2000 「てんぢく2000」
X-DAY 2000

3. Song unlocked: mint tears

Find the 6th or 7th most popular song in the list, then play the song 5 spaces to the right. For example:

The time limit must have '7' as the second digit when you choose the song. Eg, 87, 77, 67...
Then, full combo the song with less than 3

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