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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

First Video: Nijiiro ver. July 29 Update

The midsummer licenced track update is up! Check out the six songs just entered arcade Taiko no Tatsujin (March 2020/Nijiiro ver.) and their seven mid-tier Oni notecharts:

PPMachigai Sagashi Masaki Suda

PPByoushin o Kamu Zutto Mayonaka de Inoni.

PPAo to Natsu

PPHachigatsu no Saka Ndaho & Peketan from Fischer's
8月の坂/んだほ&ぺけたん from Fischer's


VCInochi ni Kirawareteiru. Iori Kanzaki feat. Hatsune Miku
命に嫌われている。/カンザキイオリ feat.初音ミク

Before the jump was Masaki Suda's second inclusion in Taiko after Sayonara Elegy. With the lowest note count for an ★8 ever, Machigai Sagashi features mostly low-BPM (78) 16th patterns just around the ★7 level... until the seven apparent-48th 4-hits come rolling in, which could be devastating to your spirit gauge considering the proportion.

Back onto normal grounds, Byoushin o Kamu upkeeps the modern ★8 standards with hanging even-number patterns, a sprinkle of 24ths (single color) and fairly complex mixed streams, all under a respectable 130 BPM.

Ao to Natsu takes the opposite approach, having a higher BPM (185) and simpler patterns (at most triples kkd and ddk) to meet at the ★6 middle-ground.

Following the Plus/STH exclusive of Champion Road, Ndaho and Peketan of Fischer's are again explicitly credited for Taiko's inclusion Hachigatsu no Saka. The healthy mix of triple clusters and double-doubles lands the Oni notechart among typical ★7 fare, but remember to keep count for the final large kat.

Highest note count of the day goes to AV-A-MI, as well as the only addition with spurious scroll speed gimmicks not unlike top-tier trials like DEBSTEP! or Waraeru 2000. The actual rhythm is much milder since it is following mostly the rapping vocals.

Now in the fourth generation, it is actually rarer to have a major update without an Ura Oni notechart than one that has. The Vocaloid track Inochi ni Kirawareteiru. took the Ura-bearer title for this update, with the regular notechart focusing on the vocals and the Ura notechart more on creating a percussion line to accompany the music.

As a final note, in addition to the credit end screen, the graphically-enhanced message to remind players to wash their hands after a game of Taiko no Tatsujin arcade is also shown just before the last song of your credit. Amidst the global crisis, it is important to observe safety among the fun.

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