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Saturday, January 19, 2019

First Video: GO GET'EM!

GO GET'EM! Satoshi Terashima

Even though being a delightful jazz composition in its own right, GO GET'EM! has been speculated to be a replacement for the since-deleted Groovy Duel. The comparison is unfortunately accurate with the notecharts revealed today. But first, a united cheer from the Donders outside of the topmost tier because the eleven-song streak of ★10 Namco Originals on AC0 Blue ver. (from Seiten no Reimei to ARMAGEΔDON) is finally broken!

Notecharts to jazz tunes can usually be identified to be either melody-based or percussion-based: Groovy Duel is cut in the middle with a piano-based first half and then a percussion-based latter half, while junction and Taiko Session ~Live Version~ has sections of each intersecting each other. GO GET'EM! has the two charting concepts cleanly split between the Regular and Ura notecharts. Regular Oni is charted mostly in 16th, with some parts quite deserted but can have complex long streams concentrating in other parts. Ura Oni meanwhile includes a more significant handful of 24ths and even clusters throughout, pushing it to a high-★9.

Note for Title Hunters: Full Combo titles for the Regular and Ura Oni notecharts are Melodious Donder (メロディアスドンだー) and Rhythmical Donder (リズミカルドンだー) respectively, confirming the above concepts to be conscious decisions. Full Combo-ing both notecharts at the same time in two-player gameplay gives both players the addition title of Session Master (セッションマスター).

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