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Friday, December 14, 2018

Twitter Snippets (December 13 2018): A Very Red Christmas Imminent

Quickly becoming a staple for December is the yearly limited addition of the very XEVIOUS-y and Christmas-y Jingle Bells No. 765 to the current-generation arcade song list (except the time that it did not (Dec 2017), and the time that it appeared on April 1 (2018)).

This year, the festive happening will happen between December 15-25. If you do not have it on PS2-7, Wii4, 3DS2 or NS1, do make time to try the long streams.

Jingle Bells No. 765

...hold on, that logo at the bottom-right corner doesn't look much like the current Blue ver. iteration. It looks more... Red than it should be...

Addendum (2018/12/15): Also available in Asia ver.:

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