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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

First Video: Blue Ver. 9.05's New Songs

A bit late into the night, but here we are with the latest song additions of the day, courtesy of what is (probably) going to be Blue Version's last software update of the year.

Glass o Ware!

Inochi Mijikashi Koise Yo Otome

Over "Quartzer" Kamen Rider Zi-O

Pan vs Gohan! Dai-kessen!
  Yuuya Kobayashi (IOSYS) feat. miko & Momiji Yamamoto
パン vs ごはん!大決戦!
  コバヤシユウヤ(IOSYS) feat. miko & 山本椛


Colorful Shogo/Shougo Nomura


We start with the latest Papa Mama support-friendly song for the arcade fields, the latest Kamen Rider theme to grace the series with a name that reminds me of gacha gaming shenanigans... *COFF* Over "Quartzer"'s averagely-paced rhythms are compensated on the difficulty scale with a barrage of handswitch-friendly note cluster passages, with varying number of notes and formations to test rookie donders' coordination skills at an approachable speed.

The first Yuzaka 46 song to grace Taiko gaming since Silent Majority, Glass o Ware! also sports a six-star Oni mode to boot, mostly made of special notes and mono-color clusters as far as the eye can see.

Inochi Mijikashi Koise Yo Otome, the licensed debut of MOSHINO in Taiko gaming, comes equipped with a middle-of-the-ground Oni challenge with an easier approach to hand-switching, provided by repeating patterns and intuitive beats to hit.

Normal Notes video (Oni)
Normal Notes video (Ura Oni)

Now that we're done with the licensed picks of the day, here's what the last Rewards Shop outlet for Blue Version has to offer!

What we have up here is a clash of flavors between rice and loaf of bread in Pan vs Gohan! Dai-kessen!, a clash so heated that not only deemed the creation of forked paths for the regular Oni mode, but also an Ura Oni variant exploiting the same gimminck and resulting in the same amount of notes... but made as a support of the opposing side! Whether is the lyrics-related chart you're choosing, different note spacing trickery is guaranteed to throw off early Full Combo attempts out of course... (unless you just slouch your way into the Normal Notes chart)

Part-Kirby games BGM and part-Climb! Mount Parfait, the colorfully-named... erm, Colorful, is another max-difficulty contender that easily lets loose multiple timing signatures for an additional layer of challenge on an already note-dense chart for its length, more than often intertwining into hybrids with the regular 1/16 charting ways!

Closing the circle for today is λ7708, whose Oni 1-ups the previous new offerings of the day by throwing a few more curve balls into is Oni chart, from Donkama flashbacks to its aggressive mono-color ending. Plus, flip the song's title upside down and you'll figure out what its musical inspiration is!

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