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Friday, August 10, 2018

Namco Taiko Blog (August 10 2018): More Blue ver. Goodies, a Triple Collab Whammy

What's this? Namco Taiko Blog for two consecutive weeks? It is as if we are back at 2016...

Firstly, give that Blue ver. Ranking Dojo finally begins, it is time to close upon the Yellow ver. trials with the usual high-ranker celebratory roll, as embedded above. If you passed 9-dan or above, go find your name in there!

Onto the future, August 2018 is getting a lot like July 2018 with more regularly added songs! You might remember the names because they are the three songs from our latest Dummyland leak. For better or for worse, all three songs will each have one ★10 notechart for some hardcore summer fun.

Video for the new Variety tracks have also been shared on the official blog entry, which we'll be redirecting to their respective titles in the grids below. We'll have to wait a little more for the new INSPION-spawn Namco Original, though...

Blue ver. Song Addition: August 18 2018

Super D&D ~Kanzen ni Lead Shite I-my-me~ NEW!
  MURATATAM & Ladybeard

Blue ver. Song Addition: August 25 2018

D-zettai! SAMURAI in the Rain MURATATAM & Ladybeard NEW!

Blue ver. Song Addition: September 1 2018

Hito no Okane de Yakiniku o Shokushitai! NEW!
  INSPION Special Collab

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