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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

[RUMOR] - First Western Taiko Switch Preorders..?

The one Spain-related story we mentioned in our previous post involves this one tweet above, testifying how the Spanish branch of the Britain-rooted gaming store chain GAME is apparently starting to take pre-orders for the upcoming Taiko Switch game, under that "Drum 'n Fun" title quirk that also appeared in the related Australian gaming classification entry a few weeks ago (link).

From the tweet's author we can also gather a couple extra inditcations, forwarded to us by the same Discord user who brought this tweet to our attention. For starters, said user was told that the tentative release month for the game's Western release was November, but nothing is still set to stone at this point.

The second bit for today is more of a warning about the GAME retailer chain itself's dubious pre-order legitimacy, as there have been other cases in the past of "tentative preorder for release" cases that never come to be to this day (the latest of which cases being the Nintendo Switch physical version of Mighty No.9, which does not exist to this day). Until more evidence builds up, we're marking today's discovery as a rumor, for the time being.

Credit to Taiko no Tatsujin Discord chat user Nabix for the find!

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