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Friday, July 6, 2018

Play Ball! Tatsudon for Family Stadium Evolution

Slightly random on our part, but if you are looking for more Taiko no Tatsujin on your Nintendo Switch other than Nintendo Switch Version/Drum 'n' Fun, maybe consider Family Stadium Evolution (プロ野球 ファミスタ エボリューション)? Purchasing the game from Bandai Namco's own entertainment commerce site Asobi Store (アソビストア) will get your the shop-exclusive bonus of having Tatsudon (立つドン) as a playable unit. You can also choose the Asobi Store Limited Version (アソビストア限定版) for an additional uniform design T-shirt. I don't know what those stats would entail but two bats are leagues better than two bachi sticks, that's for sure.

...or if you don't want Tatsudon but still want the game, you can purchase at other locations for other notable characters from Namco IPs.

Family Stadium Evolution main site

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