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Friday, June 1, 2018

First Video: Blue ver. Version Update 2.06

We are heading this post with this video of world champion Yosuga and friend surprised at how empty the Blue ver. Summer Rewards Shop is. While you enjoy the void, let us set off to the first videos!
(BTW still no news from Taiko Team about Asia version getting this update, sorry guys)

Blue ver. Version Update 2.06: June 1 2018

零 -ZERO- Masaharu Fukuyama; Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer NEW!
  福山雅治 「名探偵コナン ゼロの執行人」より
Yo~i-don! NEW!
よーいドン!/feat. Kiddish
SORA-VII Cygnus Wall NEW!
SORA‐Ⅶ シグナスウォール
★4 ★6 ★7 ★10 --
Hinaru Medjed no Hinaru Yuu'utsu NEW!
  Yuuya Kobayashi (IOSYS) feat. Momiji Yamamoto (monotone)
  コバヤシユウヤ(IOSYS) feat. 山本椛 (monotone)
★4 ★5 ★7 ★10 --
Ai to Jouzai no Mori NEW!
★5 ★7 ★8 ★10 --

ZERO (498 notes on ★7 Oni)
The surprise addition of the day is the theme song to the latest Detective Conan movie Zero the Enforcer. With influences from Flamenco vibes, the notechart has a preference to kats over dons. The 24th four-kat cluster is common in the chorus onwards.

Remember that entry cut-off of the puzzle campaign of the Detective Conan collab is today (June 1) at 23:59, and the answers be revealed on June 8th.

Yo~i-don! (777 notes on ★10 Oni)
Likely School Matter Series in the theme of school athletic meets ("Yo~i-don" is Japan's version of "ready / get set / go"). Although at a higher speed, the notechart begins with clusters and streams of the ★8 level in the prelude, then ★9 in the first chorus. It picks very quickly starting in the second verse with very long but rather regular streams. Think Blessed Bouquet Buskers but less intense in general.

SORA-VII Cygnus Wall (839 notes on ★10 Oni)
Hisui's second dabble in the SORA series gives us a technical challenge on processing mixes of 12th, 16th and 24th separation. A lower ★10 considering some of Hisui's past challenges.

Hinaru Medjed no Hinaru Yuu'utsu (818 notes on ★10 Oni)
God Collection don't have to stay within Shinto grounds since VICTORIA breaking the seal, and IOSYS provides the first Egyptian expy for that. Get pumped to a challenge not unsimilar to UNDEAD HEART (Ikari no Warriors) between Professional and Master Routes but more 24th. Note that there are overtaking notes between the drumrolls and balloons after the choruses to not break the combo.

Ai to Jouzai no Mori (832 notes on ★10 Oni)
Consider a "return to form" for Hisui with the highly-unconventional stanza lengths. Like Cygnus Wall above, this is a challenge on the mixing of 12th, 16th and 24th separations, only with a constant lowered scroll speed outside the rushing bridge before the chorus making this harder to discern. The chorus also mixes large notes and irregular clusters.

PS. This is likely the most people involved in one single with the exception of MEKADON, with seven people providing for the chorus (including Hisui himself).

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