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Monday, April 9, 2018

Shin Zombie Lyrics

Artist: GLAY
   Composition, Lyrics: HISASHI

「Let me bite you to death」

ギニーピッグ バタ… (guinea pig batta...)
「間違った」 (machigatta)

Hey body! 鈍色のディーヴァ初恋はロブ・ゾンビ (Hey body! nibuiro no diva hatsukoi wa Rob Zombie)
Hey body! メタリカよりラウダーオズフェスヘッドライナー (Hey body! Metallica yori louder Ozzfest headliner)
KISSから終わり始めようぜ 無敵のポイズンガール (KISS kara owari hajimeyou ze muteki no poison girl)
SICK彼の全てに夢中なの ツインテール・オブ・ザ・デッド (SICK kare no subete ni muchuu na no twintail of the dead)

だって彼氏はゾンビ 検索ワードならナンバー1 (datte kareshi wa zombie kensaku word nara number 1)
降り注ぐ奇異の目に 射止めたハート動き出すかも? (furi-sosogu ki'i no me ni itometa heart ugokidasu kamo?)
美を極めればゾンビ 色恋に妬んで寝返る (bi o kiwamereba zombie irokoi ni netande negaeru)
お前よりアンチエイジング 化けの皮を剥ぎ落とせ (omae yori anti-aging bakenokawa o hagi-otose)

わずかに灯る脳幹で勝ちフラグ (wazuka ni tomoru noukan de kachi flag)
神のみぞ知る世界に噛み光臨 (kami nomi zo shiru sekai ni kami kourin)

「10コンボ!」 ("juu combo!")
「20コンボ!」 ("nijuu combo!")
「100コンボ!」 ("hyaku combo!")
「1000コンボ!」 ("sen combo!")

English translation
"Let me bite you to death"

Guinea pig batta... (wrongly sang the lyrics to Kanojo wa Zombie)
"Got that wrong"

Hey body! The dark-grey diva's first love was Rob Zombie
Hey body! Louder than Metallica was the Ozzfest headliner
From that kiss the end has begun, such invincible poison girl
That sick fellow is surly in a dreaming trance for the Twintails Of The Dead

After all my boyfriend is a zombie, topping number one among search terms
With looks of bewilderment rained upon, ever hearts shot dead (= won one's heart in love) might have jolted in movement?
Beauty to the extreme would be zombie, double-crossing out of envy in love
More anti-aging than you ever, peeling off the skin of the monster (= mask/disguise)

Flagging the victory for the dimly flashing brain stem
At the presence of a world that only god knows to bite

"10 combo!"
"20 combo!"
"100 combo!"
"1000 combo!"

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