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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Twitter Snippets (February 10 2018): That Blue ver. Battle Mode PV We Sorely Missed

Yes, this promotional sequence actually came out way in advance in JAEPO 2018 back in February, but we did not catch wind until late last night (we only saw that poster with the mention back then). But hey, since this very same snippet also comes to all public Blue ver. cabinets today, we are considering this a minor victory against our usual lateness.

In brief, the Performance Battle Mode (演奏バトルモード) coming in Summer 2018 won't have you battle against fellow players like back in AC3 through AC6, but instead against monsters like "slightly derpy leg-butterflies", "very derpy chameleons" and "generic leaf spirit blobs" (names not serious) in a setting featuring you saving the world with the brand new female protagonist and princess Amitie (アミティ). Level up as you defeat enemies for... progress mechanics of unknown nature! There will also be Deathblows (必殺技) for you to blast through the enemy line in a swift.

Before you say how much a rip-off it is with the DS lines... well you are not wrong actually. Now that Nintendo Switch Version is not going to have any RPG element in (side mode is minigames), that character development has to go somewhere.

EDIT: Video form of the said PV. Not missing much though, other than music and little Don-chan jumps.

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